Vector Borne Disease Prevention Programme

Background: Malaria, dengue and other vector borne diseases (VBDs) pose a serious a public health problem in several parts of India. Morbidity and mortality from VBDs such as malaria and dengue are major public health concern, particularly in young children and pregnant women.

While VBDs may strike anyone, typical high-risk areas are rural and tribal areas and urban slums inhabited by poor and vulnerable groups with limited access to quality health care.

The program contributes towards meeting the government objectives of halting and reversing the incidence of malaria and other vector borne diseases in the country, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goal #3 and the recently released National Framework for Malaria Elimination in India 2016-2030.

Stagnant water and sewage are breeding grounds for mosquitoes that plague shanties and unauthorised colonies such as Delhi’s Sangam Vihar – one of Asia’s largest.

For effective prevention of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya, the World Health Organisation recommends free distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) in low-income group areas prone to outbreaks.

Chikitsa have already been providing curative health services for the residents of this Sangam Vihar and Zakhira Slum, where there is no sewage system and open drains run alongside its paths. A preventative measure like this will reduce the burden and spread of these mosquito-borne diseases, to which children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Project Objectives: To provide underprivileged communities with the tools to fight vector borne diseases during the monsoon by distribution of LLIN treated mosquito nets and raising awareness.

Project Sites:
– Sangam Vihar B-Block, New Delhi
– Sangam Vihar K-Block, New Delhi
– Zakhira Slum (Near Rakhi Market), New Delhi
– Sector 40, Gurugram
– Jharsa Village, Gurugram
– Wazirabad Village, Gurugram

Specific Activities:

– Awareness Sessions
– Distribution of LLIN Treated Mosquito